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The entire team here at SEQ Insulation Supplies are following a strict COVID SAFE PLAN (Based on the advice of the QLD Government) when dealing with all customers.  

INSTORE: Customers and staff are not only advised to but and must maintain 1.5m social distancing at all times. Masks must be worn at all times if required by QLD Gov. All staff and customers must check in using the QLD Gov check in app on arrival. (Please call management on (07) 3888 9919 to report

DELIVERY: Delivery drivers are to wear masks at all times (If required by QLD Gov) and are to maintain socially distanced where possible.  (Please call management on (07) 3888 9919 to report driver breaches).

If you at any time have any questions regarding how SEQ Insulation Supplies is dealing with the current Covid-19 situation feel free to give our head office a call on (07) 3888 2618.

We do ask all Customers visiting our warehouse/store to please wear a face mask (If Required By QLD Gov) and must always check in using our QLD Gov Barcode upon entry .